Once you've added a custom domain, the next step for most people will be to enable SSL. If your app deals with any sort of sensitive data, this is a necessity. This guide assumes that you have already acquired an SSL certificate. If you need to purchase one, DNSimple is a fantastic option.

Add the SSL Certificate

Navigate to your app in the Pagefront dashboard and click on "Settings" in the top nav. Once on the settings page, locate the custom domain you want to enable SSL for. Click the lock icon to the right of the custom domain:

Add Certificate

Enter your private key, certificate body, and certificate chain. Then just click the "Add" button. You should now see an "SSL" badge next to your custom domain. While everything is propagating, you will see the little loading indicator as well:

Propagating Certificate

As soon as everything is ready to go, you will get a little green check mark:

Propagated Certificate

That's it. Go ahead and visit your custom domain with https. You're all set!