Working on an Ember app with other people? Want to give them the ability to deploy to Pagefront? Want billing to be handled by your company? Then all you need to do is create an organization.

Create an Organization

Navigate to your organizations in the Pagefront dashboard and click the "Add" button. Pick a unique name for the organization and enter an email address that can be used for things like billing. Then click "Create." This will create the organization with you as an "Admin":

Added Organization

Add Members

To add other people to your organization, just click the "Add" button. You will need to enter their email and choose whether they should be an "Admin" or a "Collaborator". The only difference between these two roles is that admins have access to billing-related features. Both roles are able to create and deploy apps.

Once you have decided on a role, simply click "Send Invitation." You will see a pending invitation:

Pending Invitation

Your teammate will receive an email with a link. Once they click on that link, they will be added to the organization (with a small detour to sign up for Pagefront if they hadn't already):

Accepted Invitation

Create an Organization App

Now that you have an organization, you can start deploying apps together. Navigate to your apps. You should see a section for your new organization:

Organization App

Clicking the "Add" button under your organization will let you to create an organization app. This is just like a personal app with a few small differences:

  • Anyone in your organization can deploy this app
  • Anyone in your organization can make changes to this app
  • All billing will be the responsibility of the organization rather than you personally

That's it! That's all you need to know to get started developing and deploying apps on Pagefront with other people.